Connotation and Denotation Meaning

After reading Blackberry Picking and The Fish, I found two phrases that I thought were good examples of both connotative and denotative meaning.

The first one is from the Blackberry Picking that reads, “Late August, given heavy rain and sun…” In this phrase there is both a connotative and denotative meaning. The author describes the elements of rain and sun as heavy. While we in the context we can picture heavy meaning a large downpour of rain, and large amounts of sunlight; we also literally can picture a ‘heavy mass’ of sun and rain when looking at it from a denotative standpoint.

In the second poem, The Fish, the phrase I chose was “The water drives a wedge of iron Through the iron edge of the cliff…” The obvious connotative meaning here would be that the strength of the water is eroding the cliff that is extremely strong. The use of the word iron the second time is used as a metaphor to compare the strength and hardiness of the cliff to the toughness of iron itself. Iron can also be seen here denoting the general ideas of strength, power, toughness and longevity.


4 thoughts on “Connotation and Denotation Meaning

  1. charissamoran says:

    Could heavy also have a meaning of ‘overbearing’ perhaps? There might be too much sun and rain for the month of August. Its hard to think of the sun as heavy, but it could as when it is too hot and it is hard to move about the day. Heavy rain also makes it harder for one to do their outside chores or to want to go picking as it knocks the very ripe berries off the vine.


  2. Carson,
    Great post! For this blog post I read “Blackberry-Picking” so I wanted to address your comments on that poem. First off, I liked how you focused on the phrase “heavy rain” (something that I skimmed over when I read this poem) because you pointed out the weight that comes with that phrase. I believe that those words were intentionally chosen to be in this poem for that reason.
    -Hayley Turner


  3. The example you gave for the Blackberry poem was great. I had skimmed over the Blackberry-Picking line you chose, but hadn’t really looked at it twice. The rain being described as heavy seemed totally connotative to me and I didn’t think about it. However I had not thought about the connotative meaning. Like rain being heavy emotionally, with weather being murky and cloudy, especially in late august as summer turns to fall. Fall and winter tend to be darker weather and can lead to unhappy emotions.


  4. Carson,
    I thought it was great that you touched on both poems! The poem I read was “The Fish” and I thought your analysis of the word iron was spot on! When I first read that poem I didn’t realize just how meaningful the word iron was in that sentence, but now it does make much more sense to me! Great Post!
    Ryan Olson


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