Wuthering Heights Relationships

In the 19th century novel Wuthering Heights, one of the main characters, passes away fairly early in the story plot of the novel. This change in the story seems to completely change the dynamics of the traditional romance story of the 19th century, and changes it into much more of a Shakespeare tragedy.

It is evident throughout the book that Heathcliff and Catherine have feelings for each other. This supports the theme of a traditional romantic love story. But when Catherine dies abruptly in the story, it poses a very untraditional plot twist considering where the storyline seemed to be headed. This leads me to believe that the author had almost a mid-story change from a classic love, to the ultimate star-crossed lover demise.

It especially seems to be tragic on Heathcliff’s part due to the built-up relationship Heathcliff had with Catherine and her family. And as readers, to loose one of the main characters and especially one that was fairly liked, is tough.

Given this situation, the story then changes to how Heathcliff deals with the existing adversity, and now how he copes with loosing a lover and friend.


One thought on “Wuthering Heights Relationships

  1. It is interesting that you found emphasis in the loss of Catherine to be on Heathcliff. I mean, this is at face value the expected result, but I like how you observe the way that that lays heaviest on him and supports (what I argue in my post, anyway) a narrative shift to Heathcliff.


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